If you bath with Hot Water this winter, You should read this

Winter season is already on its way and with the beginning of winters, people starts bathing with hot water. Actually we feel comfort and relax while bathing with hot water but it can be harmful too.

Some people have the habit to bath with very hot water which can burn the skin or cause skin diseases. Actually, when we bath with hot water, the oily layer washes out from the skin which is necessary for our body to protect us from various infections or allergies.


I am here to tell you the right way to bath with hot water.

  1. Never bath with very hot water always use Luke warm water.
  2. Even bathing with Luke warm water do not bath for a long time.
  3. Do not bath with a normal soap. Use oily soap.
  4. Use natural oil on skin before bathing, do not let your skin dry.
  5. Avoid dry brushes on skin.
  6. Use moisturizing cream or body lotion after bath.

Hope these tips will work for you.

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