How to secure your Whatsapp Account

Recently, Whatsapp has added Two Step Verification security feature in its application. This feature is already being used by other internet giants like Google, Yahoo etc.

If someone clone your Whatsapp account even then the new Two Step Verification feature can protect your account from unauthorized access. You have to be a Beta Tester to activate this feature.

If you are not a Beta Tester, you can become by following steps:

  1. Go to Play Store and look for Whatsapp Application.
  2. Update Whatsapp if not updated.
  3. Scroll Down and Click on “Become a Beta Tester”.
  4. Click on “I am in” and you will become a Beta Tester.

How to activate Two Step Verification Feature:

  1. Open Whatsapp.
  2. Go to Settings and Click on Account.
  3. You will see an Option “Two-step verification”, Click on.
  4. Click Enable.whatsapp two step verification method
  5. You will be asked to Enter a six-digit passcode which you will be asked for when you register your phone number with WhatsApp.
  6. Confirm your passcode by re-entering it.
  7. After that you will be asked to Add an email address to your account which will be used to reset your passcode in case you forget it.
  8. Confirm your email address by re-entering it.
  9. Congratulations! Two-Step verification is enabled now.
  10. You can change the passcode or email address if you wish to do, also you can Disable this feature any time.

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