How to UNSEND WhatsApp message if sent by mistake

As we all know WhatsApp is the most used online messenger but WhatsApp users also face problem sometimes and this happens when any message is sent to wrong person and you wish to unsend Whatsapp message.

You cannot do anything once a message send to the wrong person it can be a personal message or a joke. We have come with a solution we will tell you how you can unsend a wrongly sent message.

Steps to unsend Whatsapp

1. If you have sent any message to a wrong person then first thing you have to do is switch off your data connection and remember you have to do it immediately.

2. If you miss to switch off data connection in time, click on the clock shown in right side, message will be unsent.

3. After that, block that person immediately to whom message in sent by mistake. By this message will not be sent. You can unblock hat person afterwards but remember Whatsapp can restore the message till 30 days so keep unblock the person for 30 days.

By these steps you can unsend the wrongly sent Whatsapp message.

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