How to use Mustard Oil for Glamorous Look

Christmas and New Year party is on its way and if you want to be more glamorous and beautiful, you can add mustard oil in your beauty products. Are you thinking mustard oil is used for cooking, if so then you are wrong! Mustard oil is beneficial for body massage, skin and hair problems. Mustard oil is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which counters with infections.

Natural Sunscreen:

We look for sunscreen which has 20 SPF or higher but let me tell you that there is no sunscreen better than Mustard Oil. It has high level Vitamin E and protect our screen from direct sun rays.

For Black Hair:

Mustard oil protest white hair. Do you know mustard oil has minerals which keep your hair black for a long time? Give a head massage with Mustard Oil just half an hour before you shampoo.

Use as Fairness Cream:

Fairness creams are harmful for our skin but if you use mustard oil as fairness cream, you can see much better results. Mustard Oil is a natural treatment which glow your skin and removes dark spots, tainting and blemishing.

Apart from this, mix mustard oil with Gram Flour (Besan) and Lemon and implement on your face for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards wash your face, for better results, use this paste for three times a week.

Skin Glow:

Mustard oil removes skin dryness and this is the reason it is being used for body massage. If you wish to remove taint, mix mustard oil with yogurt and lemon juice and use with body packs.

Hair Care:

If you are suffering from dandruff, allergy, hair fall, mustard oil hot treatment is the best for you. Well, for Mustard oil hot treatment, take mustard oil according to hair length and heat it till lukewarm. Massage it on your hair roots and wash with mild shampoo. You will definitely see result in 10-12 days.

Lips care:

As winter seasons are ahead and cracked lips is one of the common problems in winters. Use mustard oil on lips before sleeping. You will never face cracked lips if you use mustard oil.

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